It’s amazing what a quick 5 minute chat on the phone with your dad will do for ya. I love my dad so much!!! He’s so great! I called him feeling alright and as soon as he answered I felt great! And I still do! It really just boosted my entire day to talk to him for only 5 minutes. 

I’m walking back to my car so this is going to be a short post. But I just wanted to send it out to the world that I love my dad and I’m always so thankful that he’s my dad and that we have a great relationship


i’m slowly dying

Hello Hi it’s been a good long time since I’ve made a post but here I am. Procrastinating homework and knowing that in the next two weeks I’m going to die. I’m just going to give a quick lay down of everything that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks.  Continue reading “i’m slowly dying”

Musings of Ireland

It’s Presidents Day weekend so no school Monday! Yay for dead people! Anyway that’s not really the point of this post though, today I’m thinking about Ireland and I’m missing it. Well to be honest I’m always missing Ireland in some way or another and granted that’s usually how I feel after  big trip. I always miss whatever country I was in, Ireland was different though. I just loved it so much and I truly truly fell in love with it’s outright beauty and history.  Continue reading “Musings of Ireland”


Earlier I was going to write about my day and my annoyance with roommates and friends and school, but I didn’t. I held off because I just didn’t want to write and I’m so happy I did. I love my sister Mae. She is beautiful and smart and fun and kind and adventurous and strong and powerful and courageous and lovely in every way. She is one of my favorite humans in the entire world. I really mean that. She will always be to the top of my list of people I will always choose and always love no matter what they do. I love her and she inspires me all the time. The courage that she has to talk about what she’s gone through and still remain optimistic and so full of love. If I could be as strong and as loving as my beautiful sister then I would be doing something right in my life.  Continue reading “Tonight”