Well hey there! It’s been a while, like a month it’s been a while. So I have a couple of posts that I’m going to write! This is all about graduation. The feelings, what happened, the friends, and the pictures!

So bad picture but it’s the picture we took right after we had picked up our caps and gowns. Technically this was the day before graduation, but it was a great day that I hold dear to my tender heart.

The day before graduation was like a hot mess. We both donated plasma in the morning and I felt so sick afterwards, which is sort of normal. The weird thing was that it went on for the whole day and cassie was also feeling sick! We were both so so tired, just to the bone didn’t want to do anything, the kind of tired where it’s both not enough sleep and it felt like we had worked out for 5 hours. We were sick to our stomachs and we had to pack everything, because like the good students we were we did nothing over the weekend besides talk about how much we need to pack and then watched YouTube videos.

So we pick up our caps and gowns and took the above photo when we got back into Cassie’s car. I love this picture because you can vaguely tell that cassie and I had just been talking about how much we wanted to throw up but absolutely we’re not allowed to. If we were smart we would have packed during the weekend. We didn’t though and it was Monday and Tuesday was graduation. So we absolutely had to pack today.

We got food at Millhollow and then an hour after we finished eating we started to pack. Our upstairs was unbearably how so we were in minimal clothing while trying to both pack up our entire lives. It was pretty great because we spent the day together, delirious, over heating, feeling vomity, and also feeling this deep sad.

(I’ll talk about the sad in my other post that’s all about cassie G)

Even though it was desperately stressful, I loved it. It was so much fun to just be with cassie and doing what we do. We spent the day chilling with each other and talking and laughing and arguing over what music or podcast we should listen to. I favor music when packing and she favors my brother my brother and me the podcast.

Then much later in the day we got more food, unsuccessfully burned some homework, saw some of Cassie’s friends and ended up talking to them outside on the sidewalk for like 2 hours at 9pm, and then maniesse came! Maniesse stayed over with us and it was perfect. The three of us just get along so perfectly and I felt my heart so much! It was so full of this love that I have for my friends and through it all this underlying sadness that I was going to have to say goodbye.

Anyway. Part one of graduation and the love that I have for my friends!


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