Musings of Ireland

It’s Presidents Day weekend so no school Monday! Yay for dead people! Anyway that’s not really the point of this post though, today I’m thinking about Ireland and I’m missing it. Well to be honest I’m always missing Ireland in some way or another and granted that’s usually how I feel after  big trip. I always miss whatever country I was in, Ireland was different though. I just loved it so much and I truly truly fell in love with it’s outright beauty and history. 

As we were walking towards the cliffs, this was the view behind us
The sun was rising behind us as we were walking up to the Cliffs
Becca looking amazing on the cliff walk even though 2/4 of us felt like dying
If you go to Ireland and someone tells you not to go to the Cliffs of Moor, don’t listen
The Cliffs of Moor, worth all of the exhaustion and feeling like I was dying

Anyway, this was just our first day. We were all incredibly tired because I got almost no sleep and we woke up in a completely different time zone, to this day I’m still unsure of the exact time difference. So we were tired, I was supposed to be the navigator but I kept falling asleep in the passenger seat the entire first day. I was awful at it, but honestly I couldn’t keep my eyes open. but we decided to do the Cliffs first thing and boy did we have perfect timing. As we were driving there we found this house where you could park, but had to put some Euros in a box to pay. Then we hiked through private fields and over fences to get to the Cliffs. It was just barely 6am and the sun was coming up behind us as we were walking up towards the Cliffs. I kept turning around to watch the sun come up over the rolling fields and the small town down below us.

Finally being able to see the cliffs and to witness something that I’ve wanted to see for years, there’s nothing like that. Don’t tell my mom but the Cliffs were my favorite part of the day and maybe the trip, I loved loved loved seeing them because they honestly took my breath away. It was interesting because Becca and I both felt our insides slowly killing us and the walk to the cliffs was much longer than we thought? And then we decided to keep walking along the edge of the cliff to stay with the view. Man, having the golden sun come up, the ocean on onside and beautiful grassy rolling fields on the other? That’s not something you can find in the US. We eventually went back to the cars, found a small breakfast place, ate a traditional Irish breakfast, felt so much better, and continued on our day. But the Cliffs, everyone should go to the Cliffs and I know they say to go at sunset, but I don’t know man, there’s something truly magical about sunrise.


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