Today is Saturday and it’s the kind of Saturday that everyone is supposed to have. I did no homework. None. I will regret this hugely tomorrow, right now though? I don’t really care. This is how my wonderful day went:

Woke up at 10:30 stayed in bed on our phones and chatted until 11:30 when cassie and I decided that we had to leave bed and go to R-towne cafe right on main street. We got biscuits and gravy, hot coco, a huge cinnamon roll, and 1 pancake. We are, chatted and had a really good time. Came home and decided to be lazy in the living room for a couple of hours. I played sims, face timed with mama, aunt Martha, jack, and dad and then I talked with Mae on the phone for a little bit.

Cassie, kelly and I started to chat and decided that we wanted to go shopping right now. So we left and first went to Olive Ave and Kelly got the cuuutest dress there. Then we went to a candy shop and got cherry wine and birch beer. The candy shop was not as good as sweeties but the root beer selection is pretty top notch. Our second to last stop was lulu belle the older and better boutique in town. They had a sale and so I ended up buying the cutest pants and a necklace for Kelly for Valentine’s Day (don’t worry I’m getting Cassie’s on Monday!). After we went to kiwi loco, the one frozen yoghurt shop in town and ate food and talked about…odd things.  It was great! We just took our time looking around stopping at different shops and even though none of us have money, we sure did spend a lot.

That’s not even the end of our day! We came home and Allegra stopped over and so the four of us chatted, re-arranged the living room, Emily rose came over, we all watched miraculous lady bug and I straightened Cassie’s hair. Allegra went home and then we remembered we have a potluck tomorrow after church. So me, kelly, cassie and Emily rose went to the kitchen, made food, drank more birch beer and cherry wine, and played inappropriate hangman. Emily rose went home so we went to mcdonalds and got too much food. Tried to get our temple parking spot but there was a car and people were doing things in it so we left very quickly. We decided to eat food in the temple parking lot and tried to have a deep conversation but we needed up talking about pooping.

Now we’re in bed, cassie is asleep and kelly on her phone. And I just loved today. It’s the perfect Saturday. It was sunny and chilly, we explored town, hung out with each other and friends all day and loved each other. We only did things we wanted to and that’s perfect. I loved today and I had to write all this down so that I can remember it as one of those perfect days. They’re not going to come very often as the semester goes on and kelly is going to leave us in April. So this was an us day. A day to be with each other and to be with our friends. I love all the girls I talked about and they have all had such wonderful impacts in my life. I can’t imagine not having them be a part of the rest of my life. I love them dearly and one day I’ll share this with them. That wY we can all remember the beauty of this day and of how we lived our life together in the small town with seemingly nothing to do.


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