2:17am musings

Hellohellohello! It’s 2:17am and I just got into my bed. I made a series have straight up BAD mistakes this week and now I’m suffering for them. I have a huge paper to be writing. Like so huge? So many points of my grade? And I still have at least two other major points to put down and write out. I also have another draft for a different class due tomorrow. I haven’t even looked at it. All I can hope for is that I’ll wake up early(haha lol I hate myself) and to finish the draft of the smaller paper. Then between/during other classes I will finish up my big paper. Then I can get started on two other papers I have to do this weekend. So that’s cool. 

But rn I don’t really care. I’m in bed, feeling happy, deciding to get over the fact that my roommate Jordan walked in on me mid sob as I was reading my grandpas obituary, accept the fact that I’m never sleeping again in my life, and that tomorrow I’m wearing leggings a sweater and a baseball hat. TBH I’m kind of excited. ALSO I have improved my doodle skills. Religion class you may be totally boring and I sort of hate you, but my doodling skills are improving, so thank you for that. 

Look at the pretty pretty doodles!!


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