It’s been a bit!

Hello to me! I haven’t written in a while and I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been thinking about how I need to write more and be on this more, but time has been slipping away from me. I feel like the semester has just started but I’m coming up in midterms!! How is that even possible?! I’m a quarter of the way done with my senior year, I might puke. 

That’s not the only reason I’ve been away! It’s been a good semester so far! I love my roommates and I am starting to enjoy my classes. I miss home and I think about my friends back home more than I usually admit. But a good semester none the less! This past week though I’ve been in a bothered mood. I’ve flip flopped between wanting to spend all my time with my roommates and I don’t want to see a single soul. It’s odd but this happens. It’s a problem though because I have a huge paper due on Thursday. As in manymany pages and I have 1 and a half done. This is sort of unusual for me? And the reason why is because I can’t get into a rhythm.
The last two days have been off days for me and I’m not sure why? I have been in a totally “let me lie on the couch and watch Netflix for 5 hours” kind of mood. Which is a normal mood! But usually I can still get work done! Not this time though. Just no motivation no nothing. It’s been weird and I haven’t talked about it because I don’t know where it came from and there isn’t anything anyone can do. No amount of telling me to do my work will help, in fact it will only make me angry and feel even guiltier. 

I think I’m finally out of it though? I was listening to ed sheerans song castle on the hill and I was hit with so many feelings. That son never fails to make me think of home. Every. Single. Time. I love it. I think of home and my friends and the special kind of comfort that only home can give you. The greatest bit though? I started to actually do my essay. I started to feel like I could type and that what I was putting down wasn’t gonna be complete garbage. I feel good about it and I feel like I’m in a swing again. 

I just got out of the shower and I’m excited to listen to some more Turnpike Troubadours and to write this paper all about my family. 

I think my week is finally starting to look up. 


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