I found a website that I have fallen in love with. I used to think that I was the kind of person who would rather listen to music than noises. But I heard about a website called, and it’s changed things for me. I was in the Ricks today and I couldn’t concentrate on my reading and I was worried cause I had to do well on my quiz, so as a last ditch effort to concentrate I pulled up this website. One of my favorite noises is summer nights, I love the crickets, I love the cicadas and I love the gentleness that summer nights bring. Whenever I listen to that noise I have such an immediate mental thought. I automatically think of my bed and lying in my room listening to the bugs and the cows and trying to sleep because I’m so hot and tired. Yet at the same time I’m perfectly content. I’m usually not a fan of the summer, but there’s something about summer nights that are magical. They feel like your whole life can happen in one night.

Anyway, I listened to summer nights and man did I concentrate. It put me in the right frame of mind and I was able to get my reading done and I’m like 85% sure that I did pretty alright on my quiz!

But then there’s meadow lane, and meadow lane is beautiful, but along with meadow lane there’s spring walk. I love these. Partially because if I could live my life in a meadow, I would. I think that they’re beautiful and I love the open rolling fields and the solitude. I think that’s one of my favorite things. I love the solitude these noises have to offer. I know some people like the coffee shops, or the crowded markets, but I love the nature noises, but not rain. I mean it’s okay, but it’s not great. Birds though and wind and slight rain noises, those are the best ones.

Anyway, no one reads these posts, but please check out

It’s great and wonderful and it’s changed my day.


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