It’s been a day

Honestly, today hasn’t been the best. I was nervous about my sociology class, I have a ton of HW and make up for that class. Seriously. I have no idea if I’m gonna pass it lol. I hate myself. I also felt so uncomfortable today. It was so odd, I just felt off and weird. I did not love it. So when I got back from being on campus since 9am, I did a face mask. Then I saw Allegra, face timed with my fam:

Then cassie and Kelly and I went to mcdonalds. We blasted Meghan trainor, got too much food, ate our shame in the car, laughed because none of us could stop burping. And I realized that it’s a good day. I love those girls and even though they drive me nuts sometimes, I love them so much. They’ve been my rocks in life and I love them for that. But also I took a cute snap so we’ll end it on that 


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