Let’s go back…

Hi hello! Today I have an essay to write, a relief society lesson to plan, zumba to attend, friends to catch up with, reading to do, a quiz to take, ahead work to understand, and sleep to be had. You know what though? All I want to do is think about Ireland and have money to go back there. Which brings me to the thought of applying to a job, it would be a call center. I’m not sure if I can do it because I have so much homework and a job is a lot of time that I’m not sure I have.

I also realized that I have a paper that I have to do this weekend and I’m in no way prepared for it, I also have to do the start of my research stuff for my sociology class. Problem though, I don’t know how to do it or where to start. So that’s cool. I’m just having many panic attacks when really all I want to do is hangout with friends and play my sims game. That sounds like a lot more fun than panicking about essays, but I know I’ll be happier if I get a start now.

Okay I started this post this afternoon and it’s well past 10pm. And guess who didn’t actually do any of her essay and has many regrets? That’s correct friends, it’s me. I’m choosing to suffer and panic. But I’m giving myself today because honestly? Today has been weird and off. paper boi, ya know, the guy that I think I might like, he came over today to visit with Jordan. I def overheard them talking about a girl that he’s into named Tiffany and it threw me off. Because I stupidly thought that he might actually like me, when clearly he doesn’t and it hurts. I’m not the happiest person. So I binged One tree hill and then went to Zumba, then watched more one tree hill. I’m not making good decisions but I needed this today.

I am now going to just barely get my draft done for my paper and hope for the best, because the only thing that’s saving me right now is the fact that this paper is a draft and it’s not being counted for a grade. I’m going to get over it, because it’s just a crush and I’m being pathetic, but today I needed to wallow in my own stupidity.


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