No wifi?

Our wifi has been out since yesterday. And when I say our I mean every single apartment that is off campus that’s not married housing. It’s great. So I spent my morning going to class and suffering in the MC to do all my online work. Thankfully I didn’t have a lot of online work. Not so thankfully I have a TON of reading to do and you know what? reading is boring okay?

I had plans this weekend to binge a series of unfortunate events and do nothing. And now my plans are to do all my reading, check every 20mins for wifi and watch DVDs. Not a terrible plan, but not the one I wanted.

So to keep myself preoccupied here are some selfies I took this week that make me feel hella cute 

Ugh. The hair, the makeup, the lighting, the filter. It’s all just so perfect and great. Also I filled in my eyebrows and man do I look good. 

The filter and my teeth really make this. But also I love my little eye crinkles. I know that’s weird but they look so cute and I think it gives me such wonderful personality. 

I’m so cute. Seriously I love myself and I love these pictures. Call me concedited all you want but I’m happy with my face and who I am and I’m not afraid to post them in a blog that I haven’t shared with a single person yet.

All in all the weekend is going to be fun and stressful and I’m cute af.


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