No sharing

This is why I have a blog and don’t let anyone I know read it. It’s 12:39am. Both cassie and Kelly snore. I’m a later sleeper so usually it’s fine and they let me poke fun. But just now I’m annoyed. 

Cassie had fallen asleep with her laptop on her chest so I said her name to wake her up, which also made Kelly wake up. It was fine, we chuckled. And then I said, “well you guys were snoring pretty loud” to which Kelly responded with “well I’ll just wait for you to fall asleep then”. Ummmmm rude. Now I’m annoyed and they’re snoring. So you know. A win win. I’m bithere but it’s fine. I will survive and I will get over it. But right now, at 12:41am. I’m gonna let myself be annoyed. 


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