The heart swells

It’s a good day. Yesterday was hard and I was sad for much of it. But today, today is a very good wonderful day. I slept in, got my books(which my very excited to read), visited my dear H.H, Kelly came back, went to sodavine, and then saw my long lost Allegra. 

I saw so many good friends today! It makes the heart happy and the soul sing to know that you are surrounded by wonderful human beings. I’ve loved catching up with everyone and talking about old friends, future plans, and past flings. 

I’ve also had fun being with Kelly and Cassie again. We don’t always get along and we sometimes drive each other crazy, but I love them so much. It’s like nothing has changed and we jumped right back to where we were. 

And since this is sort of a diary of sorts I’ll mention joey, lol. We got into a fun conversation about whether or not our roommates are cute. I’m trying to be more social so that does mean I need to either have more parties or go to more parties. Hence my conversation with joey about our cute roommates. Its going to be a fun semester and I’m pretty ready for it. 


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