I’ve never been good at saying goodbye. I hate saying bye and leaving it so open and sad. My much preferred way is to have the big goodbye days before, and then have a smooth Irish exit. My freshman year my roommate/best friend Cassie got so mad at me. She loves the goodbyes and hated that I just left. So now I give her the proper goodbyes.

The thing is though, they never get any easier. I just walked my parents to the salt lake express and said bye to them for the next 7 months. My mom barely held it together and then when I said bye to my dad I couldn’t talk. I’m a senior, I’ve said bye to them so many times. But they only ever get worse. As soon as I got upstairs I proceeded to ball my eyes out. I tried calling Mae but it’s 7:30am, she’s not gonna pick up. I then did the mature thing and went to the bathroom, sat on the floor, and cried some more.

That’s where my current emotional status is. Crying on the floor because I miss my parents. Great start to my senior year.

There are good things happening though. Cassie is going to be here soon and I’ve missed her more than words. I also get to see my beloved first friend/roommate from freshman year; Allegra. I also get to gossip and squeal with dear Hannah Heath and then tomorrow I get to see Kelly. I may be sad and my heart is breaking from how much I miss my family, but I get to see some of my best friends. That’s not such a bad thing


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