Christmas Eve!

What a great day! I slept in a bit and slowly woke up to my mom singing Christmas carols in the shower! I love her so much!! I’m so filled with love for my family and the people in my life!

We cleaned in the morning and then the rest of the fam plus my aunts family came over! (I feel like I’m using a lot of exclamation points but it’s how today went(!))

I may have a double chin but the kid was cuddling with me and being a goof!

We had a wonderful and delicious meal then exchanged presents! Then just some time to hangout before we had to get ready to go the Christmas Eve service at the Congregational church in town.

Fun story! So we haven’t had snow on Christmas in years so it’s been fun to actually have snow this year! As we were finally leaving the church, jack and my mom and I decided to start a snowball fight. It was just between the three of us so there were no casualties. Except for my dad. We decided to ambush him as he was coming to he car after dropping off Denali. It was so GREAT! I had so much fun and I love those small moments with my family. There were people watching us every where and we were throwing the snowballs across the road, and I didn’t have a care in the world. Once we finally got in the car we sang the Tweleve days of Christmas on the way home.

It’s these small moments that make me love my family so much more. I’m so grateful they’re mine!

Merry Christmas Eve. from the selfie-challenged Williams Fam!

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