So its 12:15am. I totally forgot to make a post, this does not bode well for 2017. I’ll make it a quick one though!

So totally random post about nothing that happened today. But these ladies in the picture below. It’s not the best picture for sure, but man do I love it. This moment captures it all perfectly. For some reason this to me is us and what we are as a trio. These two ladies were what got me through high school and helped to get me out of the worst slump I’ve ever been in.

I won’t go into details but it was a rough time. And they have no idea, no one does really, I don’t always talk about it because it was so long ago and so weird. But they came into my life and I’m forever changed.

We may be getting older and we may drift a little bit But I don’t think they’ll ever fully be out of my life and for that I will always be grateful for.


They’ll hate me for posting this picture but I couldn’t love it more

Oh man I just love them and I love this. I get all the warm fuzzy friendship feelings when I see this picture


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