It’s 11:40pm

I started this blog yesterday and I said that I would actually post everyday so here I am. What is today’s post about you may ask yourself, the answer to that is I have no idea. I’m currently sitting in my sisters car, with her child, in the Walmart parking lot, waiting for my mom to come back so we can eat our donuts. So I thought I would use this time to write something. I’m no good at this, but hey! At least I’m trying.

I’m currently stressing about many things in life, but the first two coming to mind are the fact that I still have two assignments to do for school and I need to pack. This assignment can be done in like, two hours. But everyday this week has been filled with seeing friends and watching my niece. Not a lot of time to do this homework thing. (I’m not sure how I’ve made it through three years of college.) also I just received an email from my professor telling us what hasn’t been turned in yet and I have much to still turn in. i am a human disaster. I’m also not sure when I’m ever going to pack. Honestly?! No idea. I have Christmas Eve, Christmas, my grandmas funeral, two days and then I leave. And let’s be real I want to be as lazy yet productive as possible in those two days.

All of this complaining though to say that I don’t think I’m ready to go back to school. I like home and I like my family! I spent the day watching Christmas movies with my mama and feeling absolutely no guilt! You can’t do that sort of thing in college. The thing is though, I have never felt ready to go back to school. never. I have always wanted one more week or just a couple more days. Last year I cried in the car on my way to the airport after I said goodbye to my dad. But I love being at school and being my own person! I love love love my friends out there. I’m not so great at telling them how much they mean to me but I’m not sure I would have survived this long if it wasn’t for them. This whole paragraph is a mess and frankly so is this post. That’s what’s great about this blog though, I don’t care! This is for me and for my memories and enjoyment, it’s not for anyone else! So I’m going to sign off for today and go back to staying up too late playing the sims because I can.


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