Christmas Eve!

What a great day! I slept in a bit and slowly woke up to my mom singing Christmas carols in the shower! I love her so much!! I’m so filled with love for my family and the people in my life!

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Done done 

Done with all of my homework! Just in time to have Christmas and then a funeral and then I go back to school for more homework! Ha-ha-ha….I’m pretty excited to be done with homework for like a good 5 years. 

It’s a short post today because I’m tired and I had such a good day of leaving school, finishing HW, hangout with my cousin and parents, and Christmas is tomorrow! I’m trying to find the good things in my day and just make it all a good day. Lol call it my first New Years resolution. 

The last day

All of the mixed emotions. Tomorrow is my last day in my preschool and I’m sad to say goodbye to my teachers and my students! I’m not surprised at all to say that I’m sad it’s ending. I knew as soon as I started that I would just love these kids. I love children and the hugs and the talking to them and the stories are things that I adore about children. They have such wonderful thoughts and they’re so pure and beautiful! I don’t understand how anyone can not love absolutely everything about working with them. 

I just finished my last homework for the semester (yes I’m aware that it could have been done a week ago) and there was a lot of reflection. I had to go all the way back to my first week of starting and wow. I hadn’t realized how much I’d grown and how much I learned. 

This is a short post because I don’t have all the words to say how much I’m going to miss my teachers and the children that I worked with. I love them all so much.  Even though they’ll forget me, I’ll never forget how much of an impact they’ve made on my life. Cheesy and corny yes but all of it is very very true. 

It’s 11:40pm

I started this blog yesterday and I said that I would actually post everyday so here I am. What is today’s post about you may ask yourself, the answer to that is I have no idea. I’m currently sitting in my sisters car, with her child, in the Walmart parking lot, waiting for my mom to come back so we can eat our donuts. So I thought I would use this time to write something. I’m no good at this, but hey! At least I’m trying.

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let’s start this thing

So, today Mal and Anna and I were at Marshalls and of course we started to look at notebooks and planners. Something I wish more than anything is to be the kind of person who has a planner and actually follows it. Alas my life is far from exciting and so nothing ever really happens and I end up forgetting about it. anyway. As we were looking at the notebooks I kept thinking about how I wish I was a better at using a journal, but the thought of just writing and writing is terrible to me. I love to write, I love quotes and I love reading. But physically writing is just terrible. I have the worst hand writing and I get bored/tired. So as we were pursuing the isle of notebooks I was once again struck with the thought of, “just start a blog”. Now I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time and I finally gave in.

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